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These little pecan pies (we call them Mini Pecan Pies) are exact replicas of our larger Old-Fashion Pecan and Chocolate Pecan Pies. You get the same delicious homemade recipe and the same dedication to perfection that was used for our regular size pecan pies.

That's right, there's plenty of our famous scrumptious crunchy pecans, all-natural real butter, farm-fresh eggs, and that same delectable syrup selected for its sweet tempting taste. All this goodness is perfectly baked into a flaky, tasty mini crust.

Shipped to your doorstep in a special supportive box, your mini pecan pies are guaranteed to arrive fresh and as beautiful as the day they were made. They're just the right size for nicely presented individual desserts. You could also call them a pecan tart.

Like all our pecan pies, these little ones stand out for their combination of taste and appearance. Enjoy that wonderful pecan smooth flavor -- and trust that each mini pie will nicely hold its shape when served on a plate.

packaged 1 per pack 6oz (qty of 1) item mini pecan pie

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